Look Inside

Look Inside | غمضة عين

Karl Salameh | كارل سلامة

Lebanon | لبنان



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English Subtitles

Director: Karl Salameh

Script: Karl Salameh

Cinematography: Karim Ghorayeb

Editing: Karl Salameh

Sound: Cédric Kayem

Music: Cédric Kayem

Cast: Elie Mitri, Ghassan Estéfan

Production: IESAV - USJ



Chadi Zein

Institut d’études scéniques, audiovisuelles et cinématographiques à l’Université Saint-Joseph (IESAV-USJ)

Rue de Damas

Campus des sciences humaines CSH – USJ

Bloc « C », 3ème étage

Beyrouth – Liban.

T: +961 1 421 000

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / www.usj.edu.lb / www.ficmec.com



Maher (30) goes to the bathroom. Sitting there, he closes his eyes for a moment as if thinking...A piano gets heard. The walls of the room split apart taking him deep into another world: his past. Maher then witnesses again the show reel of his past, while seeking his lost hope after an accident that had changed his life for good.

يدخل ماهر الحمام ويجلس على المرحاض بثيابه يغمض عينيه وكأنهيفكر فتُفتَح حيطان الحمام وتأخذ معها ماهر إلى عالم أخر، إلى مكان من الماضي... فيعيش قصة حياته مرة ثانية بحثاً عن الأمل الذي فقده بعد حادث قاسٍ.



Born in 1987

ولد كارل سلامه عام 1987


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