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Two Sides of the Coin 2009



Two Sides of the Coin 2009

Workshop led by Samir Nasr

For the second consecutive year, Beirut DC is organizing “Two Sides of The Coin” workshop; a regional workshop for Arab countries that involves 8 professional filmmakers who have an interesting documentary project to be developed.

This year, a new phase has been added to the workshop, “The production phase” in partnership with Euro Doc.

The chosen projects were:

-          My uncle the terrorist” by Elias Moubarak (Lebanon)

-          Nadi Al Rijal” by Anthony Chidiac (Lebanon)

-          Yatren” by Elias Maalouf (Lebanon)

-          L’oued” by AbdennourZahzah (Algeria)

-          Un Exil Volontaire’’ by Karima Zoubir (Morocco)

-          Kytes” by Nidal Hassan (Syria)

-          Beyt el Biniyah” by NagiIsamel (Egypt)

-          The Heart Of Me”  by ReemGhazzi (Syria)

The first developing phase took place in
 Ehden in partnership with “Cinema’iyat” festival.

 Samir Nasr – Egyptian/German filmmaker, producer and editor- was the main tutor of the workshop that lasted 8 days (between the 14th and 23rd of October 2009). The presence of Mr. Nasr was very important and helpful. With his indescribable way of teaching and getting the candidates to ask themselves questions and dig more, he managed to help them doing a very big step forward.

Throughout the 9 days, candidates were sometimes working all together with Samir Nasr and other times working on a one to one level with the guests’ tutors.

a-     Mr.Bernard Monsigny (trainer at INA France)

b-     Ms. ElianeRaheb (Independent filmmaker and documentary teacher)

Beirut DC is currently preparing for the “production workshop” in partnership with
 Eurodoc, in order to give the candidates and their producers the chance to work more deeply on their file and on their budgets before the pitching that is going to take place during AyyamBeirut al Cinema’iya festival.

The workshop is in partnership with Cinema’iyat, ARTE France,Dubai Film Festival, French Cultural Mission in Lebanon, GoetheInstitute.

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