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Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya 2004

Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya 2004 (2)

Ayam Beirut III


The third edition of Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya was the biggest edition of the festival with 115 films in 10 days. 


This edition was held between the 15th and the 26th of September 2004. The fiction selection had 12 feature Arab films, among which was the festival's opening film “Bab Al Shams” (The Door to the Sun) by Yousry Nasrallah, presented in the presence of the director and the cast, and the closing film “Vodka Lemon” by Hinner Salim. In addition to the features, there were short filmsguest filmsexperimental films and student films. There were also foreign films on the Arab World including Jean-Luc Godard's “our music”. But the festival's main core was an extensive selection of documentaries from the four corners of the Arab World by renowned filmmakers including Malek Bensmail, Omar Amiralay, Jean Chamoun and Tahani Rached as well as engaged Arab young filmmakers. 12 new Lebanese works have been presented in a new selection entitled My Very First Film.


Among the festival's parallel activities was a selection of Arab documentaries from the 70's and the 80's by acclaimed Arab filmmakers, rarely shown in Lebanon. There was also an animation workshop held by Vuk Jevermovik (Germany), a Video Installation by Catherine Cattaruzza and Vatche Boulghourjian with the name of Body, 5x5, a production of 35mm films to encourage the independent short films by young directors in the presence of American director Tom McCarthy, and two roundtable discussionsIdentity, as represented in the Arab Films and Palestine, representing the unrepresentable. The latter was moderated by the late Samir Kassir and included a special interview with celebrated filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard directed by Ghassan Slahab.


Two prizes were awarded during the festival:

-                Award for the Best Lebanese Short Film or Documentary (offered by Dark Side Productions) for the film “Road Beyond Sunset” by Bassem Fayyad

-                Grant to support the development of a Lebanese Feature (offered by the Lebanese Cinema Foundation) for the film “Every Day Is a Holiday” by Dima Al Horr


Ayam Beirut III in numbers

9,500 Spectators

115 Films in 10 days

20 premieres

50 Guests

100 Press Articles

120 TV spots


Ayam III – Selection

I – Feature Films

The Door to the Sun – Yousry Nasrallah

Best Times – Hala Khalil

In Casablanca, the Angels Don't Fly – Mohamed Asli

In the Ninth Month – Ali Nassar

Klepty – Mohamed Khan

Cry No More – Narjiss Nejjar

For the Pleasure of the Listeners – Abdullatif Abdulhamid

The Assassinated Sun – Abdel Karim Bahloul

The Silent Majority – Mahmoud Hojeij

Threads – Hakim Belabbes

Vodka Lemon – Hinner Salim

Abouna – Moamat Saleh Haroun

II – Documentaries

Alienations – Malek Bensmail

Blue Grey – Mohamed Al Roumi

Children of the Cedars – Dimitri Khodr

Elie Feyrouz – Cynthia Choucair

Ford Transit – Hany Abu Assad

Heart and Spirit – Molka Mahdaoui

Here and Perhaps Elsewhere – Lamia Joreige

Invasion – Nizar Hassan

Kings and Extras – Azza Al Hassan

Over the Sky of Damascus – Fuad Nirabie & Edgard Jinbachian

Private Investigation – Ula Tabari

Road beyond Sunset – Bassem Fayyad

Sir Mr. President Jad Abi Khalil

Soreida, a Woman from Palestine – Tahani Rached

The Deluge – Omar Amiralay

The Song of the Millenium – Mohamad Zran

The Purple Umbrella – Sarmad Louis

The Square – Sawsan Darwaza

Travel – Dimitri Khodr & Cynthia Choucair

Visit Iraq – Kamal Al Jafari

War Cinema in Lebanon – Hady Zaccak

War without Image – Mohamed Soudani

When the Woman Sings – Mustapha Hasnaoui

Women without Borders – Jean Chamoun

Women Chitchat – Hala Galal

Writers on the Borders – Samir Abdallah & Jose Reynes


III – Short Films

A Glimpse to the Sky – Kamla Abou Zikri

Ashes – Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige

Balcon Atlantico – Hicham Falah & Mohamed Chrif Tribak

Well Played – Koussay Hamze

Chic Point – Sherif Waked

Cousins – Lyes Salem

Fatima's Secret – Karim Ben Saleh

From the Other Side – Nassim Amaouche

Jet Lag – Katia Jarjoura

Just Got Married – Huhssam Chahadat

Like Twenty Impossibles – Annemarie Jacir
Mitterand Is Dead – Hedi Sessi

Non Métrage Libanais – Wissam Smeyra & Ghassan Koteit

On a Monday – Tamer El Said

Shadi in Ein El Helwe – Mahdi Fleifel

St. Michael's Beach – Ziad Saad

The Sound of Applause – Fadi Hindash

The Wind of Beirut – Fouad Alaywan

T-Marbouta – Naim Kayal

Tuesday, February 29th – Jihane Al Aasar

Un Voyage de Trop – Aziz Salmy

Van Express – Elie Khalife


IV – Experimental Films

9 Years Later – Dima El Horr

Bir-rouh Bid-damm – Rabih Mroué

Dear Mr. Savie – Rami Sabbagh

Dislocating Beirut – Malek Anouti & Walid Mohanna

My Dear Body, My Living Body – Ghassan Salhab

Narcisse Perdu – Ghassan Salhab

Noble Sacrifice Vatche Boulghourjian

V – A Foreign Look

2000 – Hanro Smitsman & Peter Speetjens

Under Another Sky ­– Gael Morel

Our Music – Jean-Luc Godard

One Thousand and One Nights – Frederic Laffont

VI – Student Films

72 Hours – Yara Nashawaty

A Matter of Distance – Pamelah Ghanimeh

All Roads Lead to Heaven – Rachelle Aoun

Chou La Wain? – Rana Salem

Deserve a Kiss – Karim El Nabolsy

First Floor to the Right – Rana Salem

Grey Scale – Amin Dora

It's Not You…? – Amin Dora

Karawane, l'Oiseau Libanais – Bouchra Ljourk

M1 – Hany Faddoul

Miracle ­– Georges Homsi

Noha – Joe Saad

Ocular Impotence – Arij Mahmoud

One Season for the Sidewalks – Dania Hammoud

The 7th Sense – Ahmed Mekky

The Garret – Tammam Yamout

The Last of the Phoenicians – Anis Abi Khalil

Yasmine – Nadine Ghanem

VII – My Very First Film

A Demain – Roy Arida

A Tout à l'Heure – Saria Hanna

Alert Guns – Aseel Mansour

Blind Date – Karim Naja

Day and Night – Daoud Alawieh

I Love You – Karim Boueiz

I'm Tired – Tarik Hakim

Instant de Vie – Soulaf El Najjar

Le Cuirassé Abdel Karim – Walid Matar

Serheldan ­– Serheldan Ahmad and Christine Shamas

Tough Luck – Ammar Quttaineh

Trio – Jafar Hamieh, Maysaloun Nassar & Nadine Kanawati


VIII – Documentaries from the 70's, 80's

Film Essay on the Euphrates Dam – Omar Amiralay

The Sarcophagus of Love – Omar Amiralay

To the Attention of Madam Minister Benazir Bhutto – Omar Amiralay

Step by Step – Oussama Mohamed

Beyrouth à Défaut d'être Mort – Tahani Rached

Maaloul Celebrates Its Destruction – Michel Khleifi

Here and Elsewhere – J. -L. Godard, A.-M. Miéville, J.-P. Gorin

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