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Yet Another Shot

Yet another Shot


Director: Kinda Hassan

Length: 5min

Date: 2005

Synopsis: “Yet Another Shot is a video made the dayJubran Tueiny, Lebanese parliamentarian and journalist, was murdered. It shows images of TV reporters informing the sad event, filmed on the explosion site. The video highlights the instantaneous adjustment of the Lebanese blunt society facing serious moral catastrophes. The idea of the video is to show a dramatic event by by-passing it, and focusing on a parallel event that metaphorically describes it. Seeing the event from the point of view of TV reporters trying to communicate a drama, that can’t seem less dramatic to them, tells us a lot about how the society would react to such an event. As I was leaving the explosion site I had a conversation with the driver I was with; he was “happy” seeing no traffic on the roads; this inspired him the following statement: “Look, there’s no traffic on the roads, I wish they would murder one every day for us!” A murder in Lebanon today can get as quotidian as driving one’s car to work. I thought that by showing this bluntness from one side, and the repetition and failures of reporters from the other side, I could transmit a message to a public who is too familiar to catastrophes the way Media represent them. How many times do we have to witness the repetition of this endless scene? When will disasters become real disasters? Aren’t there any maladjusted people out there?”

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