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Radar Roughcut

Radar: Roughcut رادار

Ghassan Kairouz غسان كيروز

Lebanon | Qatar لبنان | قطر

2013, Color, Black & White, Blu-ray, 8’

In Arabic with English subtitles

Script: Ghassan Kairouz, Karl Salame, Elie Khadra

Cinematography: Elie Khadra

Editing: Ghassan Kairouz, Karl Salame

Cast: Karl Salame, Pascale Abou Jamra

Production: Ba2ousi Films


Ba2ousi Films

Apt 1305, Sara Tower

Diplomatic Street

Doha – Qatar

T: +974 70 19 89 16

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In a world where everything seems normal, Omar has an unusual life.

عمر يعيش في عالمه الخاص بعيد عن واقع هذه الحياة.



Ghassan Kairouz was born in Lebanon. After finishing his Film and Media studies in Lebanon and New Zealand, he started to direct and produce Arab documentaries and shorts.


ولد غسان كيروز في لبنان. بعدما انتهى من دراسة الإعلام والسينما في لبنان ونيو زيلاندا، بدأ بإخراج وإنتاج أفلام وثائقية وقصيرة عربية.


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