So Near Yet So Far

Basic Information

Year: 2002

Length: Medium

Duration: 58’

Category: Documentary


October 2000: Mohammed al Durra dies in the arms of his father in Palestine. The death of this Palestinian child has a major impact in the Arab world, especially on Arab children, who express their anger in an extraordinary manner.


Director: Eliane Raheb

Director of Photography: Eliane Raheb, Muriel AbouroussArlette Girardot

Sound: Tania KhouryRana  Eid

Editing: Samir Nasr

Music: Cynthia Zaven

Production: Beirut DC


Director of two award short fiction films "Al-aard al-akheer" (The Last screening) and "Liqa'" (Meeting) and 3 documentaries "Qareeb baeed" (So Near Yet So Far), "Intihar" (Suicide) both awarded in festivals and aired on Arabiya TV, and "Hayda Lubnan"(This Is Lebanon) aired on Arte/ZDF.She is one of the founders of the cultural cooperative for cinema Beirut DC where she is since 2001 the artistic director of the Arab Film Festival "Ayam Beirut al Cinema'iya" and the organizer of documentary workshop.


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