Basic Information

Year: 2003

Length: Short

Duration: 26’

Category: Documentary


The film offers three different portraits of Sinbad: The Sailorman, famous character from “Arabian Nights”, the businessman visiting Baghdad and the young student who visits the Iraqi capital with the “Human Shields”, on the eve of the war; three Sinbad in a “Mythical”, “Saddamic” and “American” Baghdad.


Director: Hady Zaccak

Director of Photography: Tony Al Khazen

Sound: Koussay Hamzeh

Editing: Hala Khoury

Music: Emile Aouad


Born in Beirut in 1974, Hady Zaccak received a Masters in film directing from IESAV film school, St-Joseph University in Beirut. He took cinema workshops in Paris (FEMIS) and in Brussels Since 1995, he has written and directed around 15 short films and documentaries for different agencies, as well as Lebanese, Arabic and foreign TV stations. He also worked as a TV director on several programs for Future Television in Beirut, between 2001 and 2002. Zaccak has been a teacher at IESAV film school since 1998, and at the Kafaat institute's audiovisual section. He wrote a book in French about the history of cinema in Lebanon. Selective Filmography: “Sinbad in Baghdad “ (2003) – “ Lebanon Through Cinema” (2003) – “Lebanon, Faces of The Places” (2001) – “Beirut , Points of View” (2000) - "USJ Through the Years” (2000) – “1000 and 1000 Nights” (1999).


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