Basic Information

Year: 2003

Length: Short

Duration: 28’

Category: Documentary

Country of production: Lebanon - Palestine


An international organization asks a film director to shoot a film about its activities. Finding himself utterly lost, the director decides to film his trip between Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. In doing so, he discovers new meanings for words like school, culture, nature, death, and of course, life.


Director: Dimitri Khodr & Cynthia Choucair

Director of Photography: Bassem Fayad & Dimitri Khodr

Sound: Eliane Raheb

Editing: Cynthia Choucair

Producer: Eliane Raheb

Production: Arab Education Forum Production house, Beirut DC


Born in Beirut, Cynthia Choucair graduated from ALBA in 1998 and obtained a masters degree in directing from the Saint Joseph University in 2002. She directed 7 short films: “El Haouch” (1998), “Anonymes” (1998), “Des choux et des "chous?"” (2000), “Pictures of Life” (2000), “Al Kursi” (2002), “Elie Feyrouz” (2003) and “Safar” (2003). Her film “Al Kursi” was selected in more than 35 festivals worldwide and won several prizes. For more than 10 years, she has worked as an editor and/or director on many Lebanese short films, documentaries and TV programs. In 2007 she has established her own production house, Road 2 Films, where she produces cultural TV programs, documentaries and fiction films for Arab TV channels such as Al Arabiya, AL-Jazeera and Al-Jazeera Children’s Channel.

Dimitri Khodr is a Lebanese producer and film director. He obtained a masters degree in Film and TV from University of Dundee, in Scotland. He directed "Children of the Cedars" (2004), "Safar" (2003) and "Living Icons" (1998).


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