Basic Information

Year: 2002

Length: Medium

Duration: 33’

Category: Documentary


The film is about the quest of a group of filmmakers who are trying to unravel the real story of Fouad, an old Lebanese man who has allegedly disappeared a long time ago. The life of this man was very secret and it was said that he was in fact an international spy. The quest concerns his life and his works, and the filmmakers tried to meet with the persons who had some relationship with Fouad. The film is about the power of the image and its effect on people and viewers. It tries, through the story of Fouad, to confront history, truth and memory.


Director: Elie Yazbek

Director of Photography: Didier Nion

Sound: Chadi Roukoz

Editing: Elie Yazbek

Production: Beirut DC & Shams


Lebanese, born in September 1971, he achieved: masters in directing IESAV (USJ), 1998 and a diploma in audiovisual studies IESAV (USJ), 1994.


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