Basic Information

Year: 2000

Length: Medium

Duration: 40’

Category: Documentary


When I started working on this film, my production company “Les Films de l'Odyssée” was going bankrupt, my marriage was falling apart, and my mother was having her 10th nervous breakdown in a Beirut hospital? I felt like dying. Instead, I decided to shoot this film.


Director, Writer, Producer: Olga Naccash

Director of Photography: Fiochar Judge

Sound: Shoana Judge

Editing: Aslessandro Sequetti

Music: The Seventh Truth Always


Lebanese-born Naccash has been living in France since 1985. She was the founding member of production house "Les films de l’Odyssée” in Paris. She has worked as a producer and director on many documentaries including "Liban, bout à bout” produced by France 3 in 1993 and “Women from Turkey”.

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